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Work permit in Bangladesh :
Work permit is compulsory for every foreign national looking for employment in Bangladesh. There are three government specialists issue work grant in Bangladesh.

  1. For private sector industrial enterprise, branch office and liaison office, outside of Export Processing Zone (EPZ) – Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA).
  2. For employment of foreign national in the EPZ – Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA).
  3. For employment of foreign national in any NGO – NGO Affairs Bureau.

Work Permit Issuance by BIDA :

Branch office, agent office,representative office, industrial enterprises of private sector wiling to hire or employ foreign nationals to work in Bangladesh either permanently or temporarily are mandatory to apply to BIDA in their required form. While giving work grant, BIDA as a rule pursues the accompanying rules:

  • Only nationals of countries recognized by Bangladesh are considered for employment.
  • Employment of expatriate personnel is considered only in industrial/commercial establishments which are sanctioned/registered by the appropriate authority.
  • Employment of foreign nationals is normally considered for the job for which local experts/technicians are not available.
  • Persons below 18 years of age are not eligible for employment.
  • A decision of the board of directors of the concerned company for new employment/employment extension is to be furnished in each case.
  • The number of foreign employees should not exceed 5% in the industrial sector and 20% in commercial sector of the total employees, including top management personnel.
  • Initially, employment of any foreign national is considered for a term of one year, which may be extended on the basis of merit of the case.
  • Security clearance will be required from Ministry of Home Affairs.


ADVERTISEMENT : The employer is required to publish a newspaper advertisement or online advertisement for the recruitment. This requirement is not always mandatory.

RECOMMENDATION FOR ISSUANCE OF E VISA : Local sponsor (Liaison/Branch Office or local company) will apply to BIDA through online for issuance of E visa recommendation in favor of the desired foreign national. Following documents are required for this application:-

  • Copy of permission letter for branch/liaison/representative office or Memorandum of articles of association and certificate of incorporation in case of locally incorporated company.
  • Board Resolution for employment of foreign nation(s) mentioning Expatriate Name, Nationality & Passport Number.
  • Photograph of the Expatriate.
  • Copy of passport of the Expatriate/Investor/Employee (Whole of the used part).
  • Appointment Letter/transfer order/service contract or agreement for expatriate/investors.
  • Certificate of all academic qualification & professional experience for the employees.
  • Paper clipping showing advertisement made for recruitment of local personal prior to appointment of the expatriate(s).
  • Specific activities of the company.
  • Statement of manpower showing list of local and expatriate personal employed with designation, salary break-up, nationality and date of first appointment. (Latest Copy).
  • Encashment certificate of inward remittance of minimum US $50,000.00 as initial establishment cost for branch/liaison/representative office and locally incorporated/ joint venture and 100% foreign ownership companies.
  • Up-to-date Income tax clearance certificate (Organization).
  • Attachment of company’s comments as per remarks (if any)

(Special Notice : All documents shall have to be attested by the Chairman/ CEO / Managing director/ Country Manager/ Chief executive of the Company/ firms)

Once BIDA issue the E visa recommendation, the foreign national should apply for E visa in the respective Bangladesh Embassy or High Commission. Once the E visa is issued, the foreign national should enter Bangladesh with the E visa.

Within 15 days from the date of arrival of the foreign national, application for work permit should be submitted to BIDA. A fee of BDT 5,000 is applicable in this regard.


AFTER FOLLOWING THE RECOMMENDATION FOR ISSUANCE OF E VISA MENTIONED ABOVE : Attested photocopy of passport with arrival stamp ‘E’ type visa for employee.

SECURITY CLEARANCE : Once BIDA issued work permit, a copy of the work permit would then sent letter to Ministry of Home Affairs for security clearance by BIDA. Security clearance will be issued after some scrutiny,

PROCESS FOR PI VISA : The process of PI visa and work permit is almost similar to E visa and work permit. PI is applicable for investors whose name is on the shareholders list.

A. Who are eligible to apply
The eligible person of this category of visa are,

(a) An Expert/adviser/employee/individual who appointed in a government/ semi-government/ autonomous bodies/ projects and equivalent organization in Bangladesh

(b) An Individual who employed in local/foreign government/semi-government/liaison/industrial/commercial organization or other equivalent organizations in Bangladesh

(c) Individuals appointed under local/foreign government/ semi-government contractor ship and in equivalent organization in Bangladesh
(d) An Individual who intend to do honorary work (without salary) with Registered NGOs in Bangladesh.

Duration of work permit/employment visa :
A work permit/employment visa may be issued for maximum three (03) months with single, double or multiple entries. Duration of stay in this category is maximum 90 days in each visit.

Extension :

Visa may extent up to three (03) years could be obtained from Department of Immigration and Passport (DIP)in Bangladesh.

Please note that the validity of the visa begins from the date of issue and not from the date of travel on your application form


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