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South Korea : You can invest in South Korea for high returns. South Korea is a dynamic and vibrant place to do business because of the12 largest economy worldwide, and the 4th largest in Asia. GDP per capita in South Korea is expected to be 26800.00 USD by the end of this quarter.

It is very easy to set up a new business in South Korea. You can form a company with one or more than one with or without Korean partner by owning 100% shares or ownership, and all of shareholders of the company are allowed to live in Korea for long time with their family members, even you can recruit management staffs and workers for your company.

There are many types of businesses you may run in South Korea except defense materials. To be registered as foreign investment, the investment amount would be at least KRW 100 Million Or US$ 86350.00 equivalent to BDT 7350000.00 (Seventy three lac fifty thousand). Your investment amount shall remain secured in the company bank account in South Korea, you can draw it for starting your business activities after the end of company registration.

For details, you are most welcome to visit us. We will cooperate you for setting up a new business in South Korea in a easy and simple way.

Business in Korea : Please visit us or make a phone call for further information about doing business in South Korea