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LegalGlobe is one of the best reputed Business & Immigration law firms in Bangladesh, and the partner law firm of HUAM LAW OFFICE Seoul, South Korea.

We provide legal services to clients operating internationally, nationally and locally, and we organize these legal services around our clients, focusing on their needs and the particular challenges of the sectors they operate in. By understanding our clients’ sectors we are able to find the right solution quickly and efficiently, and deliver the extra insight our clients want through clear, concise and straightforward legal advice. But that’s just half the story. Feedback from clients and staff consistently highlights our collaborative culture, our openness and transparency, and above all, the outstanding level of service we deliver.

LegalGlobe helps corporate and individual clients to setting up a new business and company incorporation in Bangladesh, South Korea and Malaysia along with business and family visas, employment recruitment, and to reside legally.

We practice U.S immigration and nationality law with emphasis on business and employment immigration. Besides, we assist in filing applications to meet relatives, friends or spouse or to visit USA, UK, Schengen States, Japan and South Korea, and provide guidelines to get remedy in case of visa rejection.

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